Friday, June 12, 2009

Magical talisman

We are little aware that all of us have one magical talisman that can attract people towards us. We rarely use it effectively unaware of its power to build successful relationships. It is an unfailing device that has miraculous power. If you use it with your children they would listen to you better, study well and obtain better grades. Employed with colleagues and bosses, their cooperation and support would be assured. If you wield it in your home, your wife and friends, everyone would flock around you thinking you to be a very nice person. You will spread cheer and happiness all around and making you also a positive looking person. What is that luck charm available with us? It is nothing but Praise. Everyone has a craving to be appreciated. It is this need that is met by praise.
We come across people who encourage us with their praise and when we are done with them we feel built up. We also meet others who are torn down whom we should cheer up . One of the ways we build people up is to praise them. There is power in praising people! Something begins to happen in them, in you too and in your relationship when you praise someone. Let us not praise just for the sake of it. Let us find out some positive traits in them to praise. If we start looking for it, you would surely find. Let us not be dishonest. If others have done something wrong, let us point it out but when they do something right, praise it unfailingly! It is scientifically proved that children praised for their performance and intelligence do well and that children criticized fare poorly. It is praise that makes the difference. So too with employees for better output.”The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”When we begin to praise, the benefits are manifold-strengthens relationships, fosters loyalty, and creates happier and satisfied people.

We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired by glory”


  1. You have introduced to us a good tool.. thanks! I do practice it at times with my kid.. and it works! :)

  2. i think a simple smile would do much better than a fake praise..
    nice write up :-)
    have a wonderful day

  3. A good post. Yes, praise works wonders, but it should be genuine and the person giving the praise should not have any selfish agenda behind the praising.

    Have a nice day, KP.

  4. Praising from heart is always nice. It may not stop at making the other person just feel good, it may induce high self esteem and further, arrogance!Nothing is gained or lost when we praise humans, but everything is to be gained by praising the Lord! :-)