Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being happy at little things

When I opened my eyes from my sleep one fine morning at 5am, I found my eight year old grandson sitting by my side holding my hand and smiling at me. I was surprised and asked him when he got up and what he was doing. He said, “fifteen minutes back, grandpa and just watching you sleep peacefully. I do that almost daily.” I smiled back at him and that whole day I felt very happy. He added he found it nice holding my hand and waiting for me to wake up. The innocent gesture of a pleasant smile from the little lad lightened my heart. The little smile in that early morning determined the rest of my day of 23 hours and 59 minutes with me basking in the knowledge of my being loved by someone. Whenever I left for office, my wife invariably stood at the balcony and ready to wave her hand at me when I turned the corner of the road. She put off all her work to be there on all days and I invariably turned to see her standing. There was nothing great as we were together all the time I was at home .But yet this small act of hers made me happy as I looked forward to a gruelling day ahead at the office. A Hi or Ram Ram to another jogger as I jogged along in the park cost me nothing but earned tremendous good will. A hello to the paper boy or a small coin to a beggar woman on the way side are small things for us but go to boost the spirit of others..These are petty things that we should do but do not remember to do.
I have found that others extend the same gestures to me like when I am standing in the queue for paying my bill. Someone much younger in age offers to pay mine along with his while I sit in the chair. Such acts give happiness to the giver as well as the receiver. Caring for small things that concern others takes us nearer God. Happiness is a state of mind. It is not in the external things like riches, comforts and material possessions..It lies in your being satisfied with what you have and sharing with others what you can.. Little things actually make us happy like the cool breeze as you stand at the balcony, chirping of the birds at the window sill as you rise in the morning, a multi coloured sky in the evening, the relentless waves beating the rocks, the joy in the urchins playing on the road, or a happy child with a rattler in hand. Happiness can be found everywhere if we deign to see and also lies in making others smile. There are innumerable little things in life for us to be happy about, if only we care to look for them. Try it out on your wife by expressing your delight at the dinner she served. Look at the broad grin on her face and the affection she shows thereafter. We should develop certain amount of selfless nature to appreciate the good things in others. It comes by habit.


  1. hey a nice read!
    felt like my granny saying those words ...u seem very mature,it shows in ur writing!
    my first visit here,was delightful..:)

  2. yeah sure :)
    I have added the followers gadget.

  3. :)You are indeed blessed. Its very true that a small gesture makes a big difference, like being there for those who matter and preserving the precious bonds that you come across:)they mean a lot and give ones life a new meaning. "Though sometimes you might not be able to remind them, due to certain reasons, but they should always, but its imp to nurture the faith that youre always there for them"!

  4. True!
    We often forget those little nothings that can brighten us up. :-)

  5. a very sweet post..

    actually happiness is not expensive.. even the poorest of poor can have it... but is worth a million dollors or more...

    a lot of things what u have said above is so so so true!!.... especially the last few lines..

    thanks for a beautiful post as this..

  6. A very Sweet post partha , i got reminded of my grand pa..we had loely times..Thanks! Its always good to take joy in little things because those are the ones which makes life lovely at all the times..
    I like the style of your writing nd njoy each post of yours.
    Keep going !

  7. A meaningful post rich with wisdom.
    Worth a lifetime of knowledge!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Wonderful thoughts and sweet sentiments -- a treasure to behold. Makes it more appealing is the lovely way you write -- simple honest and true.

    Thank you for this pleasure.


  9. Yes,I totally relate to this lovely post. These little things teach us the value of the present, the value of the people we love and for all we know, it might be the last nice gesture we did in this life time.