Friday, July 10, 2009

Life is a long lesson in humility

Humility is a hall mark of great men. It is only the upstarts that suffer from ego and inflated opinion of themselves. The greater the position one climbs, humbler one generally becomes. The really great men rarely need the crutches of instant recognition and adulation. Pride is what most men display unwilling to accept what they really are and suffering illusions of what they really are not. I read that if men were clothed in humility, most would be scantily clad. Very few realize that we are in this world for a short period doing what is ordained and instead of taking pleasure at what is done, we attach importance to who did the work. We expect everyone to praise us and our work failing which we nurse bitterness. There is a craving for adulation and recognition in whatever we do. All the anger and frustration would not arise if we are not victims of self pity or self importance.
I have read that the great physicist and mathematician Einstein was embarrassed by the attention and admiration received by him very deservedly at that. He was humility personified when he wrote “There are plenty of the well-endowed, thank God. It strikes me as unfair, and even in bad taste, to select a few of them for boundless admiration, attributing superhuman powers of mind and character to them. This has been my fate, and the contrast between the popular estimate of my powers and achievements and the reality is simply grotesque.” Contrast this with our own tin-pot politicians and bureaucrats who believe genuinely that all the good that is happening in our country is because of them and keep harping on it.. There is no need to prove ourselves to others. Bragging with pride only diminishes the positive feelings others may have for us. Our work or accomplishments would speak for themselves better.
How many of us respond patiently to ordinary men and women who either on the roads or offices asks us some questions? We are always in tearing hurry. Humility is genuine concern for others. Humility means being a better listener, being more patient with others, being helpful to utter strangers when help is sought for and letting others have their glory. Humility is in doing great and small acts of kindness without letting others know. Humility is in making peace with other’s imperfections and being more tolerant.
Humility is like underwear,essential, but indecent if it shows


  1. A thought provoking post.The last line summed it up all. A must read for all the publicity seeking film stars and politicians. Good to bring in a personality like Einstein in to the subject. I liked it :)

  2. Good definition for pride! :)

    and u have explained humility well.. thanks for sharing your knowledge.. it really makes one think and examine the situations one is in!..

    thanks a lot..

  3. Great Post!I totally agree with u, wish each one of us nurture such qualities that make us humble.
    Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post:)

  4. its amaizing i like it !!!!!

  5. Unfortunately humility is surely and slowly disappearing from the busy world. A recent news on how passers by watched a little girl die on the road with their mobile phones filing the tragedy made me shudder!