Sunday, July 5, 2009

Should religion divide?

Why does religion divide? Etymologically, religion derived from the Latin word ‘religio’, means ‘bind’; that is that which binds all is religion. Sadly in practice religion divides, rather used by vested interests to divide people on the basis of religion, denomination and subdivisions, setting man against man and instigating wars and strifes.If we consider religion as love, tolerance and respect for other faiths and beliefs, we can see the mockery to which the word religion has been reduced where one brother fights against another. God expects us to love, be kind and practice forgiveness among other values in life. He has never said that there is only one right way to honour, praise and worship Him. Why is it that the fanatics in every religion believe that their religion alone is the one and only way to follow? Trying to force something upon people of other faiths will do nothing except drive them away from your fold. Instead the focus should be on right leading making people come to your faith wanting to know more.
The bottom line is that there is no place for intolerance in world today allowing religion to divide instead of unites. Religion should not be used to harm others. The leaders should not use religion for narrow political ends. Instead they should spread the message that God is one and not separate for each religion, that God is universal in concept with all mankind His children and that love, kindness,tolerance,compassion and charity should inform all our actions. All paths of different religions ultimately lead to God and that religion is not a badge to be worn but is a way of good life with principles of high values common to all religions. The following verse should serve as our motto.
The world is my country
All mankind my brethren
To do good is my religion
I believe in one God and no more


  1. Interesting post. Power is an intoxicant.The leaders need tools like caste,religion to cling on to power.All religions speake of One God - call it One Power. The paths may be different but the goal is one. What better way than to inculcate the values to the children right from their formative years?Like everything else , this also begins at HOME.

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  3. Yes,

    Sarva dharmaan parittyajya,
    Maam ekam sharanam vraja...

    Krishna knows that religion is all about negative politics. So He has advised us to abandon all varieties of religion and take refuge only in Him.

    Thanks, KP, for your well-written post.

  4. i agree with u, but to play devils advocate i would religion binds like-minded people.

    One God is the ultimate truth, but all are not saints, naturally people will be like that.

  5. Very well written!..Religion should be a bridge to link hearts instead of a divide that breaks apart. Very well written!

  6. Evolution of religion took the wrong way volteface-ing the real idea of its creation.
    In IT parlance we call it a bug :)
    The scenario in which it was working fine is no more the same. It has changed for the worse sadly :(

  7. Beautifully written! Yes the present chaos in the world is the result of not realzing this truth.