Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunatics never unite

As children we were told the story of how four bulls running in disarray are easily attacked and killed by a single lion while when they stood together, the lion backed away in fear.The moral that was dinned in our impressionable minds was that strength lay in unity.We have also been taught that singly the wooden sticks can be easily broken but well nigh impossible when bound together to buttress the point that united we stand and divided we fall.I read in a book by Kopmeyer that when a visitor to a lunatic asylum asked how only 3 guards were able to control 100 violence prone dangerous lunatics, he was told that lunatics never unite.

This set me thinking that it is not the lunatics alone who do not unite but even the common people are unaware of the power of unity.Otherwise how would one explain that British colonialists controlled crores of our people with a very small military force for more than two centuries.Even today it is the lack of unity that enables unscruplous politicians and officials to indulge in unabashed corruption of astronomical magnitude in every aspect of our lives.If only the people had learnt that strength lay in their unity and in the power of their ballot,we could have achieved a clean and honest government everywhere across the country.Jayaprakash Narayan was aware of the people’s power and galvanised the entire country to throw out an oppressive government.It was the strength of the united stand that made it possible.

It is time that unlike lunatics we should unite to oppose all forms of injustice and delay in justice, discrimination on the bais of gender,religion and caste,unfair displacement of people to benefit a few, mindless accumulation of economic power in the hands of a few business families,appropriation of political power again in a few families, flawed policies of keeping the poor ever in want and prevention of a true democratic ethos in the governance of the country.If we fail to stand up united,today the posterity will mock at us saying lunatics never unite. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. Edmund Burke


  1. in unity is the strength indeed....
    and so it seems in any way....and we seem to take the other way always......

  2. Well said. Unity needs thinking beyond oneself. That's why we remain lunatics or fanatics.

  3. This, your other blogspot blog, is taking new life again after quite a long time of waiting -- with three new posts this month. :-) Apparently the Muses are kicking up the writing dust with such intensity Lols! make up for time lost. Looking forward to more writings from you. God bless.

  4. Like Egypt we should all protest together and throw this and other corrupt people waiting to grab the power to rule and loot our country.
    But the question is do we have the will power to do so?
    I think we Indians are just satisfied in pointing our fingers, when it comes to get down to taking action we all back off.
    To think our fore fathers laid down their lives to free us from the British rule, only to find it being ruled by our own bloody corrupt leaders.
    We have no one to blame but only ourselves for all the mess that we have let our country become. Shame on us.

  5. United we stand.. Divided we fall!
    Nice one!