Friday, July 1, 2011

Begin at the periphery

I read this story narrated by Sudhamahi Regunathan and wish to share for the great message it has.
The story is about Chanakya."Touring the countryside in disguise, he halted in a small village.An old woman offered him a meal.Chanakya was ravenous and so accepted the invitation.He was served steaming hot rice.Chanakya delved into the centre of the rice in his plate, which resulted in his burning his fingers.
."Oh dear!" exclaimed the old woman."You are indeed like our stupid minister Chanakya".
Chanakya was taken aback.The old lady explained: "Never begin at the centre of the problem.Chanakya plans his attacks on the capital city and loses.He should begin at the periphery and slowly make towards the centre.".
Chanakya had learnt a new technique for success.The beginning is always small and at the periphery.But it will unfailingly lead to the centre,one day.


  1. Hmm... makes one think. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How true! It is always better to assess an issue from all sides before delving into the main one.
    Keep sharing such thoughtful notes.

  3. Ah..thats a totally different perspective of attacking a problem. Great insight!

  4. Wow!
    It is a very good story. I liked it very much.

  5. enjoyed reading it.. :) good lesson for everyone.