Thursday, July 7, 2011

There is a price for not asking

I read this in a book The Alladin factor by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

A number of years back the University of Chicago received a million dollar grant from Mrs. Fields of the Marshall Fields Department Store fame and fortune. When the administration at Northwestern University read the headline in the newspaper, the people of Northwestern were shocked, How could this be?

Mrs. Fields lived in Evanston, Illinois.Northwestern was in Evanston, Illinois. She had been a supporter in the past. Why hadn’t she donated the money to Northwestern? Why had she given the money to the University of Chicago instead?

When the University officials called Mrs. Fields to discover why she had given the money to the University of Chicago rather than to them. She replied, “The people of the University of Chicago asked.”You didn’t.”

The answer is yes……. But you have to ask! This would apply even to asking God


  1. Great point KP!

    "Ask and it shall be given"

  2. Agreed you have to ask, but then how many times will keep on asking?

  3. Super...but who doesn't ask these days? Starting from veiled threats to open daring accusations, we do ASK in different styles. I am yet to find out which style works our better- the weeping loud ones or the silent yearning ones:P

  4. Very nice true story, even I have read it. It is true, and here is a prayer in the Christian religion that goes like :
    Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you...
    Never expect things to just fall on your lap.

  5. true..sometimes people tell me that we need not to ask god for anything as he already knows, but I believe in asking:)

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  8. Congrats, first, Partha Sir!

    My husband always says,'if you help people without their asking, they will never value it'! It is like 'freebies'!

  9. Hi! Before anything else, check out IndianTopBlogs if it's for real. The blog just started July with only one post.... with no list of top blogs chosen. ????

    Honestly, to my mind you don't need them cos you are already a top blogger with your own unique blog style.

    God bless you and your family.

  10. This one tho looks more authentic........

    Keep writing and sharing. More power to you.

  11. To ask is ok,in normal life.
    only children who cry are fed(milk)
    its an old saying.But when it comes to God,he is almighty and knows what we need.When Ramakrishna Paramhamsar told Vivekananda to ask Kali what he wanted,three times(when Kali gave presence) Vivekananda could not ask anything.His reason was how to ask ordinary things from such a great being(Kali).