Thursday, April 2, 2009

Controlling anger by channelising

Everyone gets angry. When we are treated unfairly, anger can help us stand up for ourselves Injustice makes us angry. We react to wrong doings either against us or others. Not all anger is bad. Public anger against government’s apathy to injustice makes them take note of it. It is the anger of the people against atrocities to and killing of female children in Nitihari that got the accused the deserved punishment. It is the public anger against misgovernance that throws out inefficient governments or dictators. Destructive anger however is not acceptable. Anger can even be a good thing as otherwise the timid or the docile person would be trampled upon by others. There should be controlled indignation that should be made clear to others who treat us unjustly. Uncontrolled anger would harm us and the cause. Like the unrestrained river in floods, it will bring havoc all around. Anger should be channelized to higher purpose and the extra energy spent for noble causes.
There is nothing to be ashamed about being angry. It is like any other emotion like happiness or sadness. Anger should not be suppressed but the surging energy given vent in some other way like exercise, sports, or social work. Otherwise the buried anger will harm the health of the individual. The hard part is learning what to do with these strong feelings. It helps to discuss about our anger with a friend or family member. Once we talk about anger, those bad feelings usually disappear. Never getting angry is well nigh difficult. We should instead remember that how we react when we are angry would decide ultimately the situation getting better or worse. We should in no case permit anger taking control of us. We should learn to control it.


  1. very true. Sometimes getting angry is also important but unreasonable anger builds up the tension in life.
    A relevant Post!Thanks

  2. A useful post. Thanks, KP. Have a nice day :)

  3. I liked the last 3 lines... I try to control and suppress my anger for a while and suddenly it will explode one day. of course, the consequence has always been destructive. So I learned a lesson today.

  4. Very good post sir! I agree with you anger should be used as a tool, wisely. Let's practice it :)