Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pay attention to personal appearance

Does a good appearance give an edge over others in all human transactions? Not all are endowed with beautiful features, good complexion or handsome physique. These are god given advantages. But appearance by way of cleanliness of body and comeliness of dress are within ones control. How many of us pay full attention to these two aspects of our personalities? I believe the outward appearance is a reflection of the inner self. An unclean man with an unshaven face, unkempt hair and dirty clothes on him cannot be expected to be orderly and methodical in his affairs. We can never relate efficiency, high ideals and clean work with a person who has poor standard of personal cleanliness of body and dress. He is bound to be slovenly in his approach in all matters. Many a people have lost in the race for positions in career due to smelly dress, unshaven faces with bristles, careless teeth, poor mouth hygiene, undressed hair, soiled hands, and undesirable habits of nose picking. The one tip for youngsters who wish to succeed in life is best contained in the quote “The apparel oft proclaims the man” To put in lighter vein when the ocean was churned for taking out the Amrita(nectar), the well clad Vishnu got Mahalakshmi, while the ash smeared Shiva got only poison Aaalakala.
It is not necessary that one should be dressed in expensive or rich clothes. One can be simple and yet elegant. Subject to all other things being equal, whom would you select for a position between two candidates, a neatly clad smart looking guy with good personal appearance or a slovenly chap who is careless in his appearance? True like a rough unpolished diamond getting passed over for a well polished glistening glass, capable persons may get a short shrift and an inferior person passing the muster. Apart from this the consciousness that one is clean and dressed well befitting the position gives self confidence and poise. I give a quotation that impressed me very much. “One cannot but feel that God is a lover of appropriate dress. He has put robes of beauty and glory upon all His works. Every flower is dressed in richness; every field blushes beneath a mantle of beauty; every star is veiled in brightness; every bird is clothed in the habiliments of the most exquisite taste. And surely He is pleased when we provide a beautiful setting for the greatest of His handiworks


  1. I fully agree with what you have written here; a person looking unhygeinic or unkempt often gives out signals of a lack of discipline.

    I like the examples you have given of Vishnu and Shiva. When Vaasudev Krishna came on earth in full manifestation, He was always well-dressed.

    However, there is one more point that needs to be said: one should not get obssessed with a false concept of attractive appearance. I personally think that colouring hair to appear younger, is one example of low self-acceptance.

    Thank you, KP, for this post.

  2. Am not at my space ha? Surely not!
    You have your unique style, worldview, and mindset and top it all experience …
    It s a blend of nature-spiritual-physical juice …
    Wonderfully written …

  3. We have heard many times not to judge people merely on their appearance alone as many highly learned ones are always careless in their presentation.This probably does not suit the present days.Yes,you are absolutely right in a proper appearance in public which certainly helps individuals in achieving their goals rather easily as right dress and appearance always helps in enhancing ones self confidence.

  4. So very true, here few of my colleagues were having long hair and they struggled to get a job, and then all of them went for a hair cut and they immediately landed in good jobs. But sometimes I feel we have to sacrifice our personal happiness to satisfy others.
    Belated Tamil new year wishes :)

  5. Amiable brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.