Friday, March 13, 2009

Have a motivational bath daily

We have no two opinions that motivation is important and one needs to remain motivated all the time. But we often witness some people getting really motivated after listening to a good lecture and after a while slip back into their old negative ways? The motivation is obviously not permanent and lasting. I read somewhere a humorous statement that motivation is not permanent just as bathing is not. But we do take a bath daily and a shower with shampoo frequently. We scrub the skin with soap to keep our body clean. The reason we do this is that we accumulate lot of dirt and grime and we wish to get rid of them. By using a scented soap we ensure we smell also well.
Why not apply the same principle to motivation? Whether we like it or not there is a lot of negative stuff found in news papers, seen in media and heard from others. Such undesirable thoughts which are abundant in life today gets settled in our minds if we are not guarded. These in turn impact on our attitudes and make them rigid. Life is full of misery, failures, stagnations, suffering that it would require adequate efforts to remain motivated and to be free from the negatives and demotivations.Just like a daily bath and frequent shampoo shower for the body, we should take a motivational bath daily. To remain motivated we must read and listen daily to something inspiring. Good stories and messages of inspirational nature do good to change our mind. We should take care to mingle to the extent possible only with the right people who can make a difference to our lives. We must remember that we are easily influenced by the people with either positive or negative attitudes.
The gist of this post is: We should daily --read something good-- listen to something good-- and associate with right people. If we ensure these are done our thinking will remain positive and good,


  1. A thought-provoking write-up. When it is not possible to always interact with the right people, the best approach is to tell oneself that difficulties are there in life to test us. Then we can delve within ourselves and hold on to what rings true for us.

    Thank you for this post. Best wishes, KP.

  2. That is what I call a fresh dose of motivation:)