Saturday, March 21, 2009

The purpose of life

The soul (atma), the real self, is made in the image of God. It does not participate in the activities or the sufferings of the body (jiva). It is only a disinterested witness to the drama enacted by the jiva. Although it is beyond body and thought, it is constrained to the consciousness level of the jiva or the body. The purpose of life is to liberate the jiva from its limited consciousness and thus enable the soul to merge with its higher self or absolute consciousness. Although the soul is a part of the all pervading Supreme Being, it is chained to the mental activity of the body and is subject to cycle of births and deaths unless liberated for a union with the Ultimate.”The soul has to travel with the baggage of a body, till it can remember to dump it.”
You are not the body
You are not the mind
Neither are you the thought
Nor the emotions
You are the I Am
You are the Soul
You are immortal”
I found this mantra by one Master of Philippines which can serve as a reminder of our being the soul and not the body. The repeated chanting it is said would accelerate the spiritual progress. Besides, the practice of “loving kindness and non-injury, generosity and non-stealing, moderation and non-overindulgence, industriousness and non-laziness, accurate perception and correct expression and non-falsehood’ facilitates the body to realize the soul.


  1. An article which gives much joy and optimism. As each soul is immortal, there is no reason to mourn anyone's passing away. Only the insignificant body is discarded with death.

    Thus, Vaasudev Krishna has said in the Geeta, "Maa Shucha" (do not be sorrowful).

    Thanks KP, for this healing write-up.

  2. Its a pure soul that reflects a pure and a pious mind. Well written:)

  3. Indeed, as Ayesha said, a healing write-up...Wonderful sir.

  4. you have written this so concisely and so very apt. Lovely post. This is a post which I will always cherish