Friday, March 13, 2009

Treat people with respect:

I have happy memories of my young age as a school boy and I have been influenced by many people in very positive ways. There were many teachers, some strict and some friendly. My maternal grandfather was prominent among those who shaped my young age. He was a disciplinarian and believed in the efficacy of the ferrule and its liberal application. But all of them taught me the imperative need for hard work, discipline, and believing in myself, if I am to succeed in my life. My father was a very gentle person who taught me more by his example than by advice.
I liked my father among the lot. He taught me many things, but the most important things I remember are: to speak softly, to remain unruffled, and to be respectful to all. I vividly remember the last due to one incident that happened. My father was a busy man and had many visitors on Sundays to seek his advice or to take his help. The other days he came home very late from office. I remember on one Sunday about half a dozen people had come waiting to see him. There was one old person in late seventies who was clad in crumpled khadi dress. He was in a dhoti that was worn knee high and wore ordinary chappals but he had come the earliest. Nevertheless I sent the others who were in clean pressed pant and shirt with shining shoes and who looked important .ahead of the old man.
At the end when the old man went in, my father rose from his seat and came towards the old man and touched his feet.”Should you not have sent for me? How long were you waiting, Sir” my dad asked. He brushed the question aside saying it did not matter. They were closeted for more than an hour. My father called me and asked me to prostrate before him to take his blessings. He said “If I am in this good position, it is all because of his munificence and generosity. He is the person who helped me financially to complete my education. He is a very big and rich land lord of our village." The old man patted me and smiled at me.
After he was gone, I confessed to my father my foolishness in making him wait unfairly. He made me sit down and told me “Never go by appearances or apparel. You must treat all people in a fair and impartial manner. The respect you give to them should be the respect you would wish for if you were similarly placed." I still value that bit of advice given on that Sunday evening than all the wealth he left behind for me.



  1. Thanks for this well-written post. Best wishes.

  2. very aptly said

    appearances are deceptive..........dont go by that...

    nice post Mr.Parthasarathi, thanks

  3. A very nice posto,all the best to you:)