Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heaven is the most fair

Our lives are not always a dance on roses. We live amidst sufferings and problems. When we get affected by one problem after the other we often wonder why such tribulations occur to us alone. We ask in a bewildered way “Why me” of all the people. We start bemoaning that life is not fair and that God is not totally impartial. In our bitterness when we see people who are wicked being happy with most favourable circumstances coming their way, we get convinced, wrongly no doubt, that God’s scheme is skewed and not free from bias. We see no reason for innocent people suffering when they have done no wrong.
This confusion would not arise if we believe in the Law of Karma. Simply put, it epitomizes the message that “As you sow, so shall you reap.”The harvesting of the outcomes may be staggered over several Janmas or in the present lifespan itself. Depending upon the nature of karma, good or bad, the effects would manifest in the janma It is believed that if we lead a virtuous life and serve the community for its good, the bad effects of Prarabda karma can be blunted or obliterated. The law of karma is only to make people pursue a path of right actions and accumulate good karmas to assure a bright future janmas.There is no way to get rid of past karma without suffering the punishment due for it. We can minimize its severity by good actions in the present life span.
As long as the bad karmas are allowed to accumulate, man cannot also progress spiritually. The mind will remain impure and undisciplined. Once we set store by this Law of Karma, it would be clear that the happiness or sufferings in our lives are the outcome of our actions in the past and present. We would not blame God for our adversities.We would be conscious of the imperative need for good actions. There is a Chinese saying that “Heaven is the most fair.”We must inculcate this message in our children and young students.


  1. Well-written. The Law of Karma has an obvious as well as a hidden manifestation. The obvious is "As you sow, so shall you reap."

    The hidden one is testing a person's love for God. A clean soul can also go through immense pain so that he/she can prove his/her love for God. Here, through pain, God is giving a special offer to the person to get closer to God. The classic example of such suffering is the Passion of Christ.

  2. Thanks for the important lesson , hope each one of us abide by it for a great an peaceful life ahead.

  3. very well said mr. parthasarathy...100% sathya vachan..

  4. hey partha...thatz cent percent true...'WHAT GOES AROUND ,COMES AROUND' in life...I'm a staunch believer of it...n also god always tries his best to make us do good karmas..thatz true...try observing it in ur own life..But its only sometimes our sub conscious that decides our actions..that results in bad karmas...Whatever..I have my own life as example..that Whatever has happened to me or whatever i am today is solely becoz of my actions n decisions..u ask anyone that..they'll echo the same words..But i think god even tries his best to make us rectify our bad actions n decisions...So as u say 'HEAVEN IS THE MOST FAIR'..the truth of this whole universe...