Sunday, February 1, 2009

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary

This is from a discourse by Osho. He has explained that even ordinary things get transformed into objects of beauty and invested with new meanings if only we observe things carefully.Nazunia is a common flower growing by itself by the side of road, a grass flower. It is not as precious as rose and nobody ever notices it. It grows anywhere needing no gardening. To see a nazunia carefully a meditator is needed, a delicate consciousness is needed; otherwise, you will bypass it. It has no apparent beauty. Its beauty is that of the very ordinary, but the very ordinary contains the extraordinary in it, because all is full of the divine-even the nazunia flower. Unless you penetrate it with a sympathetic heart, you will miss it. But the mind of the observant who is possessed by its beauty, is transported into another world. The meditation, the sympathetic vision and insight acts as alchemy and transforms the ordinary nazunia into a stunning lotus.
Likewise, we should train ourselves to see carefully, attentively and without any material expectations even in the ordinary things, the inner meanings, the rich beauty and the divine scheme. You will no longer see nazunias but only lotuses, the extraordinary in the place of ordinary.


  1. Simply amazing thought Mr Parthasarathi.
    Please fill in your blogs with such inspiring messages.
    Your readers would sure love to read and get motivated.
    A pleasure one would find in reading your blogs I am sure.

  2. Thanks immensely for the encouragement.I shall strive to maintain a high quality

  3. Good one KP; each person decides what he will consider beautiful. Wishing you the best for your new blog as well :)

  4. An inspiring read...Indeed Sir, in every ordinary thing and happening of life there is disguised extraordinary which one should explore through sympathetic vision and purity of mind...It must be the precondition of God realisation..:)

  5. It is very nature of a creative mind to see extra-ordinary in every ordinary. Nature is ordinary but to see it an extra ordinary vision is needed.. A beautiful write up, very pleasing..:)