Saturday, February 7, 2009

Curiosity never killed the cat

I have a good friend who in her first mail to me was curious to know who inspired me to write and why my stories had sad endings I had a hunch then that behind the mail there was an alert mind and intelligent person who had a thirst for knowledge It turned out to be completely true But most of us accept things as we see and make no attempt to go a little deeper It is only questioning that takes us to deeper levels of understanding. When we understand more through curiosity, we command respect by the type of questions we ask and gain by the new ideas we are exposed to. We go beyond the outer surface, learn more impelled by the desire to know more Without this quest to seek answers for the not so obvious, many of the great inventions would not have taken place at all.

Never smother the curiosity of children who are endowed with this natural gift of asking questions, like why, what, who, where and when. Never be guided by the proverb curiosity killed the cat. Encourage them and give them patiently the answers they seek. Generally parents and teachers get annoyed if the children ask too many questions. This is wrong and kills the initiative to learn in potential geniuses. They fail to appreciate that curiosity is an essential trait of a genius and should be encouraged..
Develop the habit of questioning if you haven’t one already. Be open to fresh ideas. All the great intellectuals who have enriched our society with their findings had this trait of curiosity in common. Our mind becomes active and we are exposed to new ideas. We would be aware of the different options to any issue and our decisions would be intelligent and sound. Life would turn to be very interesting with us always looking for new meanings and new purposes in what we see and hear.
The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity Albert Einstein


  1. A really nice post. As a teacher I come across so many questions from my students. The more a person asks, the more he gets to know.

    And no question is stupid; Thomas Alva Eddison, a dyslexic boy, was told by his teacher that he asked stupid questions. He went on to become a great inventor with over a 100 scientific inventions to his name.

    Perhaps the most important questions we ask are to ourselves. Deep within our conscience and common sense, all answers are to be found. But we need to have the courage to ask.

    Thank you Parthasarathi, for this post. You heal people and keep on inspiring me. God bless you :)

  2. Being curious sometimes is misunderstood as being pesky. It would be nice if people could differentiate between the two. So much knowledge can be shared.

    Thanks KP Sir.

  3. Thanks.we must welcome questions and also ask.It is better to ask questions than remain ignorant for ever without asking.

  4. My father has also always said not to hesitate to ask a question. He used to quote 'ask a question & you are a fool for a minute; don't ask & you are a fool forever'. Your article reminded me of that. Thanks !

  5. Thanks Anu for visiting my blog and for the comments