Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Repentance is self-reproof

All of us commit wrongs and some of us repeat the same wrongs. A few sincerely regret later for the wrong done when they are free from anger. They repent for the mistake. Repentance is a kind of self–reproof. It is an act of admitting the wrong and accepting responsibility for the wrong committed by submitting ourselves to the consequences. There should be no attempt to shift the blame on someone else or seek recourse to legal jugglery to avoid the adverse outcomes. It is no doubt painful to admit one’s wrong publicly and to eat the humble pie. It means shedding the self-conceit. Repentance should be accompanied by sincere tears for God to forgive.
While realizing sin or wrong committed and regretting it is good, that alone would not be adequate. One must be ashamed of it and resolve not to commit it again.”Blushing is the colour of virtue”, it is said. We must seek forgiveness from the person whom we have wronged by making good the loss suffered where possible. The act of making restitution is an important component in seeking forgiveness. Only then the heart is cleansed of the impurities and the forgiveness of the God is earned.


  1. Very true and very inspirational. Thanks for the lovely post:)

  2. A beautiful post, yet again from you. When a person admits that he has done wrong and sincerly feels sorry, he cleans his own heart. Best wishes and thanks a lot, KP.

  3. Thank you Sana and Ayesha for your very prompt feedback as always

  4. no man is perfect in all sense. All individuals are prone to commit mistakes some time or other....small or big. But accepting the same and learning from them..... ensuring not to repeat the same is the best way to cleanse ourselves from the sin.
    But ruing over it to the effect of not letting self to proceed ahead makes life a stagnant one. And a stagnant life is a breeding place for unwanted thoughts.......

    nice post Mr.KP. thanks