Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To be humble is great

In the present day competitive world when people brag about their achievements and wealth, humility as a virtue is fast disappearing. Humility is often regarded as a negative trait and is equated with weakness or timidity. Importance is attached to self esteem suggesting that being humble goes against it. Little do people realize that humility doesn't mean thinking less of yourself? It means thinking of yourself less and showing greater concern for others too. It means understanding one’s own limitations. Humility means that we do not presume to know more than we actually know. It signifies being sensisitive to others feelings and stature and putting yourself in proper perspective. It means’ freedom from pride and arrogance, humbleness of mind and a modest estimate of one’s worth.’

One Professor “was listening to his students as they presented oral readings. When one young man rose to begin his recitation, he held his book in the wrong hand. The professor thundered, “Take your book in your right hand, and be seated!” At this harsh rebuke, the student held up his right arm. He did not have a right hand! The other students shifted uneasily in their chairs. For a moment, the professor hesitated. Then he made his way to the student, put his arm around him, and with tears streaming from his eyes, said, “I never knew about it. Please, will you forgive me?” His stature did not deter him from seeking forgiveness in public. He accepted his mistake and ego did not stand in the way. There was no false pride in him that we are witness to everywhere. Humility is defined as the state or quality of being humble; the absence of pride. It is better to have another man praise you rather than exalting yourself.

You can teach a humble person as his mind is not closed. He reforms himself before he attempts to reform the world. A humble person treats others with respect and accepts criticism or adversity as an opportunity to grow, to build character. If the seed has to sprout, it should go beneath the soil with the attitude 'I am nothing’. Likewise we must cultivate and develop humility when our ego is made to bow low in front of the Supreme and His creation visualizing everything as Him...Humility is accepting everything and anything without complaining


  1. Beautiful message Mr.KP

    I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.” So said Mahatma Gandhi.

  2. Humility is what makes us human.Its very important to be humble, humbleness actually opens all the blocked pores of ones heart.
    Thanks for the lovely post. Best