Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Begin at the periphery

I read this story narrated by Sudhamahi Regunathan and wish to share for the great message it has.

The story is about Chanakya."Touring the countryside in disguise, he halted in a small village.An old woman offered him a meal.Chanakya was ravenous and so accepted the invitation.He was served steaming hot rice.Chanakya delved into the centre of the rice in his plate, which resulted in his burning his fingers..

"Oh dear!" exclaimed the old woman."You are indeed like our stupid minister Chanakya". Chanakya was taken aback.The old lady explained: "Never begin at the centre of the problem.Chanakya plans his attacks on the capital city and loses.He should begin at the periphery and slowly make towards the centre."

Chanakya had learnt a new technique for success.The beginning is always small and at the periphery.But it will unfailingly and eventually lead to the centre,one day


  1. It applies everywhere, I think! We should start everything slow and steady, step by step.

    Nice one, Partha Sir!

  2. Sir, the same story I know in the context of making of Konark temple of Odisha... The story is as follows...

    "Narasingha Dev" the Gajapati king of Orissa employed Sibei Santara as chief architecture for the project of constructing the Sun temple Konark. The temple was to be constructed on the river mouth of Chandrabhaga on the coastal boundary of Bay of Bengal. But the spot was so deep that all the attempts of making the foundations failed. The powerful waves washed away hundreds of cart loads of boulders. The king was very much worried and Sibei Santara was ashamed as well. The project was to be suspended until some solutions are found.
    Sibei Santara was passing through a village. He took shelter in an old woman’s house for the night. The old woman served him some hot porridge. Sibei dipped his fingers into the middle absentmindedly and got those burnt. The old woman looking at this foolish act of Sibei (who didn’t disclose his identity) told him- “Son don’t behave as foolish as Sibei”. He was surprised and queried about what faults she did find in Sibei. The old woman narrated about Sibei’s futile attempt to build up a foundation at the centre of the sea; whereas he could have started the construction work from the river bank. Sibei could learn from his mistakes and tried afresh in his endeavour.

    I am surprised and glad that the folk tales with full of morals are loved and retold in various ways in our India..

  3. Sir, recently I read a beautiful story about Chanakya.. Just is remembered through his name mentioned in the above story.. It is about how sincere Chanakya was...

    When Chanakya had to receive a visitor from China - he took a few minutes to put out one oil lamp and then light another. When queried as to why he did this, Chanakya replied that his meeting with the visitor was a personal activity – and hence he could not use the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya's oil – and was using his own oil and lamp. The visitor is alleged to have exclaimed that with such levels of integrity, how could India not but prosper?

    Hope you would like...