Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eternal hope

Life without hope would be a painful nightmare. We all live on hopes and dreams that the future would bring for us the things that we cherish most .Every child has bundle of hopes on parents, God and Santa Claus. They believe in what they are told and build hopes. Every young student in schools/colleges is an aspirant for big degrees and good positions. They work for these with lot of hopes. Married people hope for children, businessman for profits, the old and infirm for good health.

Hope is eternal in the hearts of men.Without hope any life would be meaningless. Hope is the greatest motivator to endeavour towards success. Hope brings about a faith in the creator and God’s hand in all things. It gives a healing touch to the troubled minds and hearts.

It therefore behoves on all of us not to crush the legitimate hopes of people around us by insensitive comments and instead help them in whatever manner we can to realize their hopes. It is in the nature of things if one hope does not materialize another one takes over its place. Nothing in this world is hopeless.


  1. HOPE...the ultimate fairy that keeps us ticking:) Nice insightful post, KP!

  2. Nice. Even the Sunday sermon was on Hope this week so this comes as a confirmation once again. Thank you!

    About crushing others hopes (or spirit), I had touched on it in one of my posts: Why burst it before it's time? May be you can check it out at leisure...

  3. Hope is a ray of sunshine coming through thick clouds of hopelessness.. there must be at least one ray of hope coming through every cloud..

    "Nothing in this world is hopeless."

    Very true Sir... thanks for the beautiful writing and message..:)

  4. It is hope indeed that edges us on, without hope we are finished. While we keep hoping good things would happen, but i think we have to be realistic. As for crushing of hopes by others, they have no right whatsoever and if they do we are to blame because we allowed them to do so.

  5. ///It (hope) gives a healing touch to the troubled minds and hearts.///

    .... well-said! Without hope, one cannot move on in life.

  6. So very true.........A nice post...makes us think!!!!

  7. Beautifully said! The pity is many are not blessed with a similar insight. There are numerous instances when we come across people almost eager to dash away the hopes of another, as a petulant child would. The benevolent spirit to touch each soul with a warm hand and to lift them too, could work wonders in making this world a beautiful and peaceful land. Thoughts as yours should spread wings and reach far and wide.

  8. I have lost hope in life many times and felt literally lifeless.. hope is what is required to move on with lives..

  9. Sir,
    again you have set us thinking!
    Where does Hope comes from ? Is Hope an emotion or an action?
    Is Hope given to us by our well-wishers or does it rise from deep within ourselves?
    If so,does Hope rise from our heart or our head ?

  10. Hope is expressed in several diverse ways by a diversity of people --- and all still is good. Quiet hope.. trusting hope.. courageous hope.. optimistic hope.. faithful hope.. steady hope.. joyful hope.. and many others more. It's always there -- in the heart.. a steady ember.. undying flame. It may be buried to the farthest bottom of one's soul but never totally extinguished. Why? Because its source is the God within us. As long as God lives in us --- hope springs eternal.

  11. Very true, Partha Sir! All of us live on hopes...thinking that everything will slip into the correct slots one day!

    We have given the name 'God' to our 'hope's, I feel.