Saturday, December 10, 2011

There is a price for not asking

I read this in a book The Alladin factor by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
A number of years back the University of Chicago received a million dollar grant from Mrs. Fields of the Marshall Fields Department Store fame and fortune. When the administration at Northwestern University read the headline in the newspaper, the people of Northwestern were shocked, How could this be?

Mrs. Fields lived in Evanston, Illinois.Northwestern was in Evanston, Illinois. She had been a supporter in the past. Why hadn’t she donated the money to Northwestern? Why had she given the money to the University of Chicago instead?

When the University officials called Mrs. Fields to discover why she had given the money to the University of Chicago rather than to them. She replied, “The people of the University of Chicago asked.”You didn’t.”

The answer is yes……. But you have to ask! This would apply even to asking God

There was a time when I wanted a transfer to Delhi as my iwfe's parents and siblings were residing there.I had sent feelers to the Director but had not mentioned my wish whenever I met him.The transfer did not happen.It was some years later when we were travelling alone,I mentioned that he had not acceded to my only request.He replied "How would I know you were interested to come to Delhi unless you had told me?It could have been easily arranged."

I replied "I had sent feelers to you through your staff officer"He said"Why go about indirectly?Your feelers never reached me.Always remember to ask directly."

There are many things which we are shy of asking friends or well wishers and sometimes we assume that they would know our wishes.It is always a good policy to ask directly and accept gracefully whatever the outcome.Children do ask the parents This applies equally well to our prayers to God.It is a good policy to be specific in our request than leaving it to God..That is why we have a sankalp in our Hindu prayers specifically mentioning the wish.Even Christian religion enjoins on devotees to ask with the maxim"“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."


  1. How true! Sometimes the fear of rejection makes us hesitate.

  2. Most people have this fear of rejection... in any kind or of any form. It's something which we have not been trained to do by our parents. We have been trained how to succeed and handle success thereafter, but failure or rejection -- sadly No!

    Mom told me that if I don't tell God want I want He would do things His way. Lols! Which is always the better way anyhow, but still God would also like to hear what wishes we truly hold secretly in our hearts.. even if He already knew them. He wants to hear it just the same. He wants us to ask like a little child does who asks trustingly for a bicycle for Christmas. Remember His is the heart of a Father... our Big Daddy in heaven ...whose delight is our happiness and joy.

    Isn't that just what we do as parents to our dear children... granting their earnest wish delight and happiness?

    Indeed 'ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you'.

    Wonderful piece, KP. Thanks for writing it.

  3. yes that also emphasises the importance of prayers...Ask God and the prayers shall be granted!

  4. Good one KP. But we seldom ask, either afraid of being turned down or our ego clashes. The last lines are beautiful, quoted from the Bible- " Ask and you shall receive!"

  5. It's difficult to ask. I totally agree with you. Even with God, my thoughts were, he knows whats best for me, I don't need to ask. But I guess sometimes we should ask specific questions and then learn to accept the consequences.

  6. True post! All of us have this fear of rejection.
    We should not worry about the outcome.

  7. I have been thinking of this post ever since I read it.
    I never asked anything from my parents or my husband always thinking that they should understand. But your post made me think.
    Same goes while praying too. I seldom aske for anything; always asking HIM to be there with me. I guess it is time to be specific :)