Thursday, December 15, 2011

A story from Mahabharatham

I read this story in Thiruvonum's weblog. I wish to share with you as this is interesting

There is story in Mahabharatham, after kurukshetra war Pandavas were reluctant to rule. Sri Krishna says to all five brothers to go to different places and find out some thing different and astonishing. Yudhistar observes an elephant with two trunks. Arjuna observes a bird having Vedas written on its feathers but it was eating a dead man. Bheema observes a cow and a just born calf, mother cow was licking its child even though it was bleeding by its licking. Nakula observes five wells in one place only one had full water and others were empty. Sahadeva observes a big / heavy rock which was rolling from a hill and could not stop even though there were many obstacles like other huge rocks, trees…etc. Even though it was rolling fast, it stopped after encountering a small stone sized thumb.

All of them returned and narrated their story. Sri Krishna given explanation, now the Kali has just started these is future things in Kali

1. Yudhistar observance of Elephant with two trunks: The two trunks denote the politicians in Kali, who say something and do completely opposite to it.

2. Arjuna’s Observance of Bird with Vedas written on it: This denotes the Pandits after learning Veda and shashtras are interested only to fill their tummy and pockets

3. Bheema’s Observance of Cow licking Calf: This denotes the parents in Kali who will protect the children and slowly children will loose their mind development.

4. Nakula’s observance of well denotes the rich people will grow richer and poor will be completely empty.

5. Sahadeva’s observance of rock falling. The big rock denotes the difficulties and small denotes the NAMA SANKIRTANAM. Any big difficulties can be stopped by doing a small nama japa.


  1. A meaningful post. While i agree with all except 3. Do u mean to say that children will be over protected and as such wold not be able to think independently? or that with too many comforts they would take things for granted?

  2. This was an enlightening post. Children losing their mind and bleeding? Somehow, I could not understand this part...

  3. very enlightening post and for third point .I have seen it that over protective parent's children are always less efficient,both physically and mentally.

  4. That was a breath of fresh air. Felt good to read it. Very true observations.

  5. Something that was said so long back holds water even today. Wonderful!

  6. Wow. Nice post :-) I did not know about the Story.

  7. Oh we are in Kali..thanks for sharing this story..and I think I am for the first time here

  8. A reading pleasure.
    Yes children ar over protected
    now a days and loose their ability to face hardships on their own.