Thursday, December 8, 2011

A friend is a gift you give yourself

One day, Turgenev, the Russian writer, met a beggar who asked him for alms. " I felt in all my pockets, " he says, " but there was nothing there. The beggar waited, and his outstretched hand twitched and trembled slightly. Embarrassed and confused, I seized his dirty hand and pressed it ‘Do not be angry with me , my brother,’ I said, ‘I have nothing with me’. The beggar raised his bloodshot eyes and smiled, ‘You called me brother.’ he said and that was indeed a gift.’ " -The best of bits and pieces.

Friendship is nothing more than being comfortable with people. It is good to be stimulating and interesting-people would want to be with you and get something from you and your friendship. It is always a good policy to attempt to heal every misunderstanding and try to drain off the grievances,By practicing to liking people until you start liking them genuinely, you retain more friends.This is difficult as some are not lovable But they too have some likeable qualities. Be interested in them, find out their interests,talk about them,remember their names and use them frequently. It is also good to praise by looking for something to praise and avoid criticicsm. Practice believing in people and show them you believe them.

Some may occasionally fail you but it doesn’t matter. In greater number of cases, your trust will kindle a corresponding trust in you. People generally live up to the opinion of others. Practice helping others without any expectations in return. There are many little ways to sustain friendships like being polite in conversations, punctual in appointments and a little consideration in everything. A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall. So with men, you can win them with words of honey.


  1. Well said but difficult to achieve. I for one would find it difficult to strike a conversation with some one whom i dislike. Agreed they could have likeable qualities, but would rather be away from such.

    A good point is Practice to believe in people, for once they realise you believe them they seldom cheat.

    Words of honey, no I rather play straight.

  2. Thoughtful post, KP. A few moments of consideration would help sustain a friendship. Rightly said:)

  3. True words of wisdom.

    One could never have too many friends. My heart is always open for any number of them.

    Every one of my friends are special to me and I geniuenly love them.

    Thank you again for being a friend to me!

  4. Sir, you have spoken about the most beautiful relationship in the world - Friendship ! We gather so many friends in the duration of our lifetime. We have our childhood friends, our friends in our adult life, and nowadays we have our online friends. They all have a part in our lives, a place in our hearts. These are friends with whom we share an inexplicable bond even though, sometimes, we might not have seen them for many years!

  5. So true Gp , very well written, friendship really lifts the burden off our shoulders.

  6. I am in agreement to Krupa:)....dont know why but I cant make friends easily, rarely i find someone who is my type:)

    Even in blogs I see that people praise mundane things and each and everything, and I have tried to do it but couldnt..I cant be that much social:)

  7. Wonderful post. My mother always taught me this since my childhood "things which you give using your right hand, should not be known to left hand. Let alone head."

  8. WOW Great post! Also, it is very important to tolerate diverse approaches. Many times it happens that things don’t happen the way we want :(